Concert & Event Booking
How do I book an artist for a concert?
A: There are two ways. Call Kevin Flint Productions at 865-919-2338 to have an artists booked and your concert produced. If you think you already know how to produce a show, already have the venue, light, sound, stage and marketing figured out, call that artist's agent. If you do not know what you are doing, you will be charged more.

Do you have lights & sound for rent?
A: We do not own any lights or sound equipment. We submit bids to several companies in multiple states to find the best deal.

How much do entertainers cost?
A: For a national artist with radio hits, anywhere from $5,000 to $1,000,000+++ and everywhere in between.

What is a rider to a contract?
A: A contract rider is what is needed by the artist to produce and facilitate an effective performance, as well as keep the artist comfortable. This includes the requirements for lights, sound, stage size and type, meals for the artist and his or her crew, number of hotel rooms, number of dressing rooms and more.

What kind of expenses are involved in a concert?
A: Concerts must always have an entertainer, venue, stage, lights, a professional sound system, marketing, advertising, meals for the artist and crew, hotel rooms for the artist/crew and sound company, tickets printed, tickets distributed and more. The cost depends on the type of venue and the requirements of the artist. Lights, sound and a stage for one artist might only be $3,000. Others are $50,000 or more. You can print tickets and distribute them yourself, or you can use a ticketing service like Ticketmaster, Tickets Unlimited or Ticketing services charge a per-ticket cost. Advertising rates for radio and television are widely varied and depend on the size of the market and ratings.

How can I save money on a show?
A: First thing, hire Kevin Flint Productions to book the artists and manage the show. We'll look for artists to best fit your venue. Sometimes we can find artists whose touring schedules route them though your area, which can also save you money. We can often set up ticket trades for radio stations, find a more affordable venue, find an affordable light and sound company, submit bids for printing flyers and posters to find the best deal and much more.

How much money could I make promoting a show?
A: That depends. We will help you keep your costs down to maximize your profit potential. However, profit is never guaranteed. Keep in mind is an artist is never going to allow too much profit. For example, they would not allow you to pay them $30,000 if you are making $100,000. They would want their base pay plus a percentage of your profits.

How much do you charge?
A: Our cost is based on the amount of work involved in producing the show, travel time, show expenses, the amount of graphics design necessary and how easy or difficult the show is to promote.

How do I get an autograph or backstage at a concert?
A: The best way is to join that artist's fan club. Most artists have a fan club meet-and-greet before or after the show. The next best way is to sponsor the concert. Businesses that sponsor are usually granted backstage passes and VIP seating.

Can you also book rodeos, carnivals, food booths and craft booths?
A: Yes. We meet with lots of carnivals, rodeos and other attractions on behalf of the fairs, festivals and organizations we work with. We also work closely with many food and craft booth vendors. Many vendors love to route their schedules with our shows because they know the event will be marketed well.

We have a talent buyer and booking department. Can you just market and promote a concert for us?
A: Yes. You can choose individual services. For some festivals and fairs, we do the brochures, posters, a website and radio/TV commercials. We can do as much or as little as you want us to do.


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